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With LadyK looking for work, and my own job being really stressful right now, I’m experimenting with meditation to help with my anxiety. I’m also seeing a therapist and my doctor is helping with chemical assistance for anxiety attacks, but I’m trying to expand my “toolbox” so to speak.

I found a 5-minute breathing exercise and a 10-minute sleep meditation that have been hugely helpful in getting to sleep at night, but I’d like to add a few more meditations to my day.

Specifically I’d love to find a free (money is a stress right now) 5-10 minute morning meditation that I can use to start my day at work, and anything that designed to help specifically with anxiety that I can keep in my back pocket for when I feel an attack coming but have enough time and focus that I might be able to head it off without medication. I’d also be interested in any “learning to meditate” or beginner advice.


If anyone has any recommendations on Spotify (we’re keeping our shared account open for now), Youtube, or any other resources I can access for free, I would really appreciate them.

Thank you.

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