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Meds can be funny things

Mr I saw his GI specialists and got the results of his digestion study. I don’t think I described that test. Basically, he had to go to the hospital early in the morning, where he was given two slices of white bread, a puck of egg whites, and some strawberry jam to eat. Then, over the course of four hours, he had multiple images taken of his GI tract to see how fast things were moving.

Things are not moving well. He was diagnosed with gastroparesis, which is when your stomach empties too slowly. The working theory is that it is related to the H. pylori infection that they uncovered in August, but it can also be a complication of diabetes. Wiki says that generally the cause is unknown.

So anyways he was given a new prescription to take 30 minutes before eating. The meds stimulate the muscle contractions in the stomach and esophagus that move food along. This is where the weird part comes in. The same medication is also used to stimulate lactation.


Mr I’s best friend just had a baby, so he joked if anything went wrong, he could always go give her a break on feedings.

He also talked to his Doctor about some weirdness he has been experiencing with his blood pressure. It has been dropping low, leaving him feeling exhausted. His GI specialist told him to stop taking his blood pressure meds, to monitor his blood pressure, and take one if it spikes. He also told him to see our GP ASAP. The pharmacist and our GP agreed, except they said he should take 1/2 a dose if his blood pressure spikes.

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