Day 2 on new meds:

YES. No vomming out both ends last night. I slept like a baby. I still feel low level nausea this morning (and did all day yesterday) but at least I don't feel like I'm dying anymore. Emotionally, I'm doing okay. There was a bit of light crying yesterday but I think it was because I was tired and afraid of going through the same thing all over again. Of course it's only day 2 and I can't predict how it's going to affect me in future (looking forward to post-ovulation-mode this month ugh), but at least I know some of the days will be manageable.

Today I feel restless after staying at home yesterday recovering (and cancelling all my plans to go out, harumph), so I think I'll go out for a nice long walk after breakfast!

PS. One note about changing birth control methods: I feel like I have a ghost-nuvaring. I know it's not there but I'm always expecting it to be. I constantly feel like I've forgotten something, which may be because it's now imperative that I remember my birth control at least once a day lest preggers occur. Just another note in the symphonic hum of low-level anxiety that runs through my daily life. Buuut I know I'll get used to it eventually and it won't even bother me anymore. Until then! Hummmmmmmmmmmmm...