At the house my mother stays at, there is this cat...or kitten. The cats here are tiny, so you can't always tell if they are fully grown. Anyway, this cat is very fun to watch and adorable. Mignon, in French,means cute, and I've taken it upon myself to name it Mignon.
This is a risky thing to do.
In the two weeks I have been here ( omg it's been two weeks!), I have seen two dead kittens and one dead cat.There is not as much sentiment towards animals here, so the taxis won't bother getting out of the way for stray animals. I really worry for Mignon in that regard, and I feel that it was a bad idea to give it a name.
But enough about that! You probably came for pictures. I can only post one picture at a time on the mobile version of groupthink, so I'll have to try and get a computer I can use.