Well, women*, you’ve gone and done it: you’ve finally pushed men to the edge. They’ve had it with your extreme privilege*, and your endless financial demands, and they’ve finally woken up to the reality** that marriage with you will just end in bitter divorce when your hypergamy causes you to “trade up” for the next big, manly alpha we all know you secretly want***.

You’ll get the kids, and the house, and half of his money — of course — and he’ll be left broke and broken.

So some brave souls, seeing the danger ahead, are steering away from the rocks and going their own way — purging the vicious succubi from their lives and moving through life without women and their dangerous effects.

First step? No more marriage, even though we all know you harpies dream of your Barbie-pink $100,000 “big day.”

So there you have it, women*. It’s all over. The dream is dead. The MRA you always dreamed of marrying doesn’t even want you.



Frankly, if sexists want to swear off women, I’m all for it. The problem comes when it seems like they’re just playing a child’s game of going, “I don’t even like you anymore!!” in the hopes you’ll pay attention to them. But let’s hope that they do keep their promise and leave us the fuck alone.

MGTOW, I support you. You go your own way — far, far away from me.

*Provided you’re an attractive, thin, big-breasted, small-waisted, long-haired white women between the ages of 18-25


**Cherry-picked reports

***Which is why hulking, brutish celebs like Ryan Gosling, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Williams, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Cox, Mark Ruffalo, and James McAvoy are usually rated as the top straight woman crushes