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Meeting a Partner's Parent's/Family

Geekboy seems to have been reading up on Orange is the New Black since we finished it a couple weeks ago. This is always amusing to me, he likes to find a topic and then learn everything he can about it and occasionally will bring up the oddest bits of trivia about a person or thing. (I'm explaining poorly but its actually cute and not in mansplainy way, I've also checked with people who aren't sleeping with him that he's not mansplaining).

His dad I've discovered also does this. I actually found out the first time we went to dinner with his parent's. His parent's are so cute and sweet, Geekboy's the baby of the family so he's got older parents they're 68 and 72 and just a really cute old Italian-American couple from Brooklyn. His dad is retired and has a lot of time on his hands to both watch cable "History" and Google topics of interest.

Geekboy and I had been dating a couple months when I met his parent's for the first time. We went to a cute little Italian place, his mother brought 3 bottles of wine for the four of us so I knew we'd be friends. She was so sweet, she ordered a couple appetizers for the table and kept asking me if I was having a good time. I felt so bad for her, it was like she was trying to impress me when it should have been the other way around. She also kept telling me how pretty and smart I was, which was a little weird but I've discovered that's how she is. Seriously I get text or facebook messages from her telling me that I'm wonderful and that she loves me.


His dad seemed quiet at first but as we're making chit chat he keeps bringing up Ozzy Osbourne. Again this is a 72 year-old guy from Brooklyn, I'm thinking not Ozzy's usual demo. Geekboy's dad definitely seemed more at home with Sinatra than Black Sabbath so needless to say I was puzzled. Apparently Geekboy's Dad had watched a Biography special on Ozzy Osbourne and then had spent the day Googling Ozzy. So whenever I hear Ozzy Osbourne on the radio I always, always think of Geekboy's Dad. I'm very lucky that the Geekboy's parents love me, and think of me as family. I'm kind of rambly and anxious tonight. Anyone have a good meeting the partner's family story?

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