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Meeting the Texans.

You guise. Tex's entire family is in Australia for a visit, and they're arriving in my city in a couple of hours.

I'm going to have dinner with his parents and his older brother tonight.

I've met like 5 partners' families before, but it never gets easier. I am freaking out!


What should I wear? Do I hug them? Will they be weird about me being brown? Not in a racist way, but in a "Ooooh you're so INTERESTING, what does the red dot mean? You MUST share your curry recipes" way.

None of them can pronounce my name. At all. His mum (or should I say mom) has straight up given up and is referring to me by my nickname, which is just the first letter of my name.

I've only had one POC partner, and I'm not going to lie, it felt sooooo good to not stick out like a sore thumb with the family, and not feel othered or exoticised (is that a word?)

For the most part, all my ex's families have been well traveled, well educated, and very well meaning, but made such a THING of me being Indian.


I feel like I'm being a little judgemental myself, but I'm more nervous about Tex's family because, well, they're from Texas. They haven't done much travel at all, and all his previous partners, and all of his close friends, have been white.

They seem like THE NICEST people, and are very excited to meet me, but I'm mentally preparing myself for the worst. Am I being paranoid? Only time will tell.

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