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Meeting with a realtor help (Updated)

Update 6:21 pm: the realtor flaked on our meeting, no explanation given, and Bralock and I are at a nearby bar having a drink. Thank you everyone for your helpful tips. I sent this page to Bralock so she can read everyone’s help.


Bralock and I are meeting with a realtor tonight to “interview” her to be our agent. She comes highly rated, and she has been easy to work with to set up this meeting. Now, my lentils, I would appreciate your help.


What questions would you suggest I ask?

I have never bought a house before, and I want to make sure I am asking the right questions. I know several of you are very knowledgeable about these things, and I welcome any tidbit of insight you can offer.

Here are a couple pictures from my recent trip to Colorado as thanks.


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