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Meeting with Union Health and Safety Officer

So my Union's Health and Safety Officer came in today to meet with my Principal in regards to the 3 Violent Incident reports I filed in one week.

Apparently another person had also filed a report, making a total of 4 for the school in one week.

So anyways, we talked about the situation, with my Health and Safety Officer pressing the Principal about what steps he was going to talk. He really pushed for the Principal to contact the Safe School department, to which the Principal responded that he doesn't think that behaviour kid is a danger. To which my Health and Safety officer pointed out that he was throwing chairs at his teacher, and I pointed out that he threw a pencil in a child's face and cut her right under the eye. In the end, he agreed to call Safe Schools.

Then he said he would meet with the VP's to talk about how they could provide me with more support in the classroom. Yeah, they did that already. The other thing he said they wanted to do was to "transition" behaviour kid to Grade 2, by having him go to a Grade 2 class in the afternoon. Problem is, the teacher they've decided he'll go to in September is currently on medical leave, so they are talking about dumping him on one of the other Grade 2's.

In response my H&S officer said "What good will that do? Aren't you just exporting the problem on to another teacher?"


Principal: "Well, Mrs. Ivriniel has done well with some of her other students, but I think Behaviour Kid and Mrs. Ivriniel just don't see eye to eye."

I politely tore the Principal a new one over that.

Me: It is not just a matter of this kid and I "not seeing eye to eye." The Librarian had to have him removed from the Library the other day, after he was throwing things and climbing on the radiators. The Drama teacher has repeatedly sent him to the office for being disruptive and hurting other kids. He has been defiant with his Reading Recovery Teacher. And he has ignored direct instructions from the VPs. So it is not a matter of this kid and I not seeing eye to eye. It is a matter of this kid need to show he has power by being defiant to adults.

He didn't have much to say about that.

After the meeting, the H&S officer looked at me and said "What a load of whitewash. " He's not buying the Principal's position at all. He's coming back next week for the annual workplace safety inspection, and is going to check in to see if things have gotten any better.


We shall see.

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