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As you all know Megyn Kelly has been attacking Jane Fonda over an interview. Megyn who first meeting Jane Fonda asked about her plastic surgery. Rude if the interviewer first meets a guest for a celebrity and movie promo. This is what you ask prior to the interview if subject can be brought up or really don’t ask. Unless you get permission its too private to ask it had nothing to do with her movie or life.

I adore.Jane Fonda. She is Hollywood royalty, her dad was one of the biggest stars of his time and still remembered. In the 60s she started her career as actress. Barbarella put her on the map. She could have made movies.and enjoyed the Hollywood lifestyle. Being Henry’s daughter and an actress in her own right would have gotten her into any party or club.

Yet she took the harder road. She became an impassioned antiwar speaker. She used her name to promote peace to end thousands dying in a war we lost. A war in which we lost about 58k killed and 150 plus thousand wounded in action. Plus a draft.


She went to Hanoi in 1972 to try to bring some peace. War was hopelessly lost by then. Yes the photo was.a mistake maybe going was. But you know what? She could have just been in movies and enjoyed life. She did not. She tried to make life better to stop the lost war. She did something few do, risk their careers and reputation trying to do what they believe is right to save lives even if they pay a price.

Also she is an educator. In High School a teacher over the course of two classes he showed the class Coming Home about soldiers.coming home from the.Vietnam War. The teacher fast forwarded parts. Until then I and I am sure many others never really thought about what returning soldiers went through that the damage was not just physical but also mental. I have seen movies of WW2 where wounded soldiers returned home and you could see.them at the wharf on crutches smiling and waving a military ship goodbye.

Coming Home with Jane Fonda and it was her production company that made it made me aware of how.many soldiers go through Hell. Suicide happens also.

She taught my class.this and I bet brought awareness to others too of my generation, born in late 60s. So Megyn leave Jane alone. Jane is a Hero.

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