I remember vividly how the far right news media in the 90s and even until today has said Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster or had someone do it. Or some variation of it including Foster father of Chelsea. She never sued even though essentially called a murderer.

Well according to MSNBC a newspaper has alleged Melania Trump may have been an escort. Now she wants to sue. This type of allegation one needs a large body of proof my understanding there is none. The allegation should never have been made without it..In some ways I do not blame her but this is what she will be facing if he wins. Every bit of gossip or rumor will be conflated 1k.times over. Suing is just going to make it worse for her, it will just make gossip into headlines. Like this has become..

Is this what the next four or eight years going to be like if Trump wins? Just one lawsuit after another for over anythng a Trump family member does not like in the press.

Of course if Melania Trump was smart she would have ignored the article or just flat out denied it. Now she threatens to sue well naturally everyone is talking about it and this is probably rapidly into a lot of peoples minds as “what is she trying to cover up” to “maybe its true”.

In this one case I have sympathy for her but she needs to know its going to get far worse for her. Suing is not a smart option unless she wants gossip stories going mainstream.plus it changes the dynamic of the story in peoples mind from gossip to “she is suing maybe its true”.


Do not let your friends vote for Trump.