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Melissa McCarthy Is Funny

I’m midweek drunk and watching The Heat. It’s not a good movie but she is really really funny. I hadn’t really watched a lot of stuff with her in it. She’s great. People who claim that she only does fat jokes or whatever are WRONG AS HELL.

Fuck those people.She does jokes and happens to be a fat lady who tells them. She can be funny just the way she wants to be. When she was on SNL people were like, ‘Is the joke that she’s fat??? She’s being reduced to fat jokes!!!’ No, idiots. If the joke works if she wasn’t fat then it’s not a fat joke!!! Being ungainly or silly or awkward or weird is not a fat person specific thing. Melissa McCarthy is a trained comedian person. She probably wrote a bunch of those sketches herself. All of them could have been performed by a skinny person (Kristen wiig? They have similar humors) & it would have been just as funny.


Why does she have to be in this bullshit perfect fat lady box where she can’t even wear a goddamn cool ass jacket on a magazine cover without people getting offended on her behalf??? She liked that goddamn jacket. She chose that goddamn jacket because it was AWESOME. Fuck you, Jezebel. Stop taking away her agency.

I have a lot of feelings about this right now. I like her a lot. She seems nice. People are jerks. But not you guys. You guys are awesome!

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