Soooooo.... I was just reading the teen Cumberbatch look alike post on the MP, and it got me thinking about how in 10 years this will his "thing" maybe. As in "I'm that guy who got instagram famous for looking like Benedict Cumberbatch."

And THAT got me thinking about how the internet basically cycles through memes, many of them based on real people, and because the internet is forever, those things will always be part of our identities.

So, in a decade, there will be a girl who says "I'm that girl whose dad shot her laptop on youtube" and a guy who says "I was ridiculously photogenic guy" and a teen who says "I was kid president"etc. etc.

Which I find kind of cool, but also kind of terrifying. I fully expect that college essays will ask about dealing with internet fame and the like because of the way things are structured now.


I'm not even sure where I come down on this, the idea just fascinated me! What do you guys think?