Mine: I'm the child of musicians and grew up around sound equipment. I learned the correct way to coil cables without tangling them very young (and also how important it is to tape loose cables down so people don't trip on them). I also learned to hold a mic properly very very young. I just can NOT with the dropping of mics as a symbolic statement of badassery. Every time I see "mic drop", I think of the towering rage my dad tried to restrain when he caught the friend of a sibling abusing his sound equipment. Don't drop the mic! Be nice to the mic! It's a delicate piece of electronics. The kind of thing that gets put in hard cases filled with foam to be moved. They don't grow on trees, and they cost money.

"Dropping the mic" does not read as "awesome" to me, it reads as "asshole who doesn't care about damaging the tools of someone else's livelihood". (See also: other "badass" actions that involve damaging guitars.)