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Memorial Day PBS concert, anyone watch?

My mother and I watch it every year. Last night was good. We were ragey over American Idol's winner Caleb's Confederate Soldier inspired jacket but more ragey over how we got into two needless wars and the horrible costs it got in human lives. If you didn't fill up with tears seeing the vet with half arms and legs you ain't human. My mother cried watching him. Jennifer Nettles, wow what a voice. I ignored her over the years since she is country but her voice is incredible. Jackie Evancho, I remember her on America's Got Talent, what a beautiful voice. Watching Jackie I thought "please don't turn out like Miley, please focus on music". Dianne Weist acting as a mother who was one of the first mothers who lost her son in these last two wars was so moving especially when she hugged the real mother. So anyone watch?


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