I recall three really bad times at GT one was very scary and may it never happen again.

Once upon a time there was no such thing as posting privs. You wanted to post you posted. It was very similar to the 90s usenet. Not sure if usenet is still wide open though.

The least scary and in retrospect kinda funny.

3. A person posted over 300 posts over one Friday evening into the weekend a Pokemon post. One post was one Pokemon. The poster wanted all their posts deleted by the admin so they held the board hostage. I never understood why he wanted them gone.

More serious.

2. The mystery that has to this day never been solved. People would share to GT comments from jezebel, gawker etc then someone was deleting the shares. Anyone could do deletions. I simply stopped sharing although I rarely comment outside GT. Sharing was rather common then especially when it was a no privs group. For a while we saw “who is deleting shares” posts almost two to three times a week. God that was annoying to see shares deleted.


Most serious and we lost good folks over this. This drilled home that we are not really a safe group.

1. Someone was outing people who posted. I remember making absolutely sure my name was not connected to GT but some people had links to real name. So this outer (remember this was preprivs) was posting their names and pictures to the group. This was 2012. I believe almost all who were outed left for good. That was devastating to GT.


Why am I posting this? That we will always hit speed bumps here. We are now a very strong community made up of really fantastic people. This is a group I will cherish and defend. But even though last 24 hours was not the most pleasant and for some like myself triggering we had leading up to the modern GT a at most times a wonderful time but also painful times.

I still remember as triggering it was for me it was nothing our group endured. We went through hell and the outing episode was by far the worst this group went through. As Barry Manilow wrote “we made it through the rain” with our head held high and we became a group that’s strong and worthy of defending.


Sometimes we need to remember how we got here and the pain we all shared to help form and create what we have today. But that pain helped form who we are now. Yet all groups will have speed bumps but we survived far worse. We will survive any minor speed bump. I have faith in all of us that we will.

We are Groupthink, We are a Welcoming Community.