Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
Illustration for article titled Memories via Gawker

A few years back, Gawker wrote a piece about Vice throwing a lavish 90s themed anniversary party and I was at that party as two of my good friends work for Vice. Aaaaand this picture showed up with the caption "Not a scene out of George Romero's next flick. Welcome to the Port O' Potties of A Thousand Key Bumps." I'm the afroed person with a hat on in the middle flanked by my friends. Hey, I just had to go to the bathroom - no bumps for this gal -but it looks like someone is puking in the background. Not gonna lie, that party was super fun and I ended up getting lost trying to get to bowling alley afterwards. I do love this picture though!


Thanks Vice and Gawker!

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