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I have a degree in X field. That field, as is true of some STEMM (second M is for medicine) or STEM-ish fields is female-dominated at the undergrad level, female-dominated at the grad level, (white)male-dominated at the faculty level (although female dominated at the assistant prof level or at the adjunct level), and (white)male dominated in leadership roles (this is called the leaky pipeline, but our pipeline leaks later than do many STEMM fields at least). Male grad students are seen as special special little unicorns who are considered brilliant and full of promise if they can add 1+1. Female students are a dime a dozen.

I have a postdoc in Y field. This field is (white and heterosexual)female-dominated from bottom to top. Males at any level are again seen as special special unicorns who are brilliant and full of promise if they can breathe and walk at the same time. Females are ubiquitous, so have to work harder to get noticed.

I’m annoyed by a newsletter that just came out from my department in which a male postdoc got a writeup for an article in the lay press that he was quoted in (which is admittedly pretty cool bc he was quoted as being an expert in that particular field). Yet the article in the lay press that was written *about my research* was not even mentioned anywhere.


To annoy myself further, I used the googs to find more evidence for my annoyance, and found that a study a few years ago suggested that men in female-dominated fields still earn more than women (I didn’t actually read the article - the headline fit the annoying evidence I needed to keep myself annoyed). So they just keep being special special unicorns who get $$ and privilege ostensibly just for being a dude.

I have no point to this rant except to be able to rant. Feel free to rant about this or anything else you think is patently unfair or unjust. Particularly ranty rants are more than welcome.

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