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Men in Iran cross-dress to protest sexism

Kurdish men from the Marivan County in the Kurdistan province of Iran have launched a cross-dressing campaign to protest outdated ideas about femininity and masculinity.

The Kurd Men for Equality Facebook campaign’s tagline is “Being a woman is not a way for humiliation or punishment.” The campaign was promoted after Marivan County’s tribunal court sentenced a man to being paraded down the streets of Marivan in traditional Kurdish women’s garb. While public humiliation is a common form of punishment, protesters say this is the first time someone in Iran has been publicly humiliated by having to wear women’s clothing. The sentence sparked not only the Facebook campaign, but a street protest of a hundred women from the feminist group Marivan Womens' Community.


Since launching on April 18th, over 150 Kurdish men have posted pictures of themselves in women’s clothing, emphasizing that being a woman should not be considered humiliating with comments like, “We should gather together and condemn this stupidity, brutality and inhumanity against women. This is the least I can do to support women.” According to the campaign, there has been no public apology by authorities, only strong criticism.

-via Gay Star News

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