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Men should be parenting. They also aren't all perverts.

Holy crap. I’ve been reading so much shit about people’s spouses ducking out of parenting and I believe it. I’ve seen it. The way that one of my friend is treated by her husband - like a live in maid and nanny - is abysmal.

But then I read things like, “Dads are a danger to kids and I won’t leave my kid alone at a playdate with a dad and his kid” and I’m like “WTF?!” If we want to smash the fucking patriarchy, we have to a. accept that men SHOULD be as responsible for as much parenting as women and b. agree to not view all men who have shown absolutely no predisposition to BE pedophiles AS pedophiles.

FFS, a mom was arrested for sexually abusing her children today and it was all over the news.

Let’s smash the patriarchy.

That’s it.  I’m just ragey.  And, yes, my husband is a stay at home parent and also not a pedophile.


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