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Men Showing Quotes Regarding Their Rapes (TW)

This is heart-breaking. Really heart-breaking. You might cry, so heads up.

There are a few that show the men being called girls, or treated like girls (presumably by male rapists), which is worth noting - men and boys who are raped are not given the dignity of being identified with their gender, which is also telling about these rapists' view of women.

"Be a good girl. Don't say anything, OK?"

"I wish you were a girl."

There are also a couple that bring up that age-old idea that a man cannot be raped by a woman, which we all know is BS.

"You're a guy. You can't say no to a girl like me."

Of course, there are standard "rape under the disguise of caring about you" (presumably) to a young boy. Those sicken me the most.

"You're my special boy."

"Don't worry, boys are supposed to like this."

"I want to show you how much I care."

Most of these look to be coercion and threats, from an older rapist to a young survivor. Lots of "I'm going to beat _____ up if you tell" and similar. Those boys or men, giving in and staying quiet, does not mean they weren't raped; it means they feared for the consequences if they WEREN'T raped.


It goes without saying in these parts, but the patriarchy hurts everyone. Men who rape boys and men, while "shaming" them as women view it as weakness and inferiority to be a girl or a woman. Women who rape men and boys (and apologists) with the excuse that it's physically impossible, view men as strictly sexual creatures with no discerning control over their sexual autonomy - something we hear as an excuse for MEN raping WOMEN. The reality is that the female rapist is taking sexual control and exhibiting power over someone else - same as men who rape.

I wish people remembered that rape is something we can oppose on all fronts. It is largely gendered for the reasons pointed out in the previous paragraph, and because women seem to fall victim to it a lot more, so MRAs say that because women are so concerned with their own rape (and probably making it all up of course!), they are actively supporting the rape of men.

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