So last night I'm walking home with two women friends who are significantly younger. Just as one of them is talking about how annoying she's finding it that men are trying to talk to her while she's obviously in conversation with us while walking, some drunk (I think) guy comes up and says "Won't you ladies kidnap me? Please? It's been a really hard week and I need two, no three, pretty ladies to help me out, please."

Was he so drunk he really couldn't see there were three women? Or have I now reached full middle-aged/fat girl invisibility? Over-thinking it will surely push me over the edge.

ETA: Christ, while reading your comments I remembered an episode from years ago when a guy who was friends with the hostess of the party offered me and another women I didn't know rides home. He spent the whole long ride creeping on her and then after she turned him down definitely and got out of the car, turned his attentions to me. Gross, disgusting, insulting. I cried when I got home.