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Menstrual cup help needed!

So, I bought the Lily Cup (compact) a few months ago, and overall I’ve really enjoyed it. At first I found it difficult to put in, and it still kind of increases my cramps every time I put it in/empty it. However, most days it’s very convenient, lets me change it less often than a tampon or pad, and is quite comfortable. BUT. Every month I’ve had it, I’ve had one “incident.” This basically consists of it suddenly and epically failing when I’m in a public place. For example, in front of a class of middle schoolers, at the open house for a brand new condo (the bathroom is now NOT NEW), etc. I have had to excuse myself and deal with what looks like a murder scene.

Here’s the thing: it seems to happen on the heaviest day of my period, but I don’t think it’s overflowing or anything because it has a pretty big capacity and it’s only like an hour or two into my day. I feel like basically the seal breaks somehow and with no suction the blood just makes its way around the cup. At first I thought I was pushing it up too far, but today’s incident left me baffled. What to do??


As a sidequestion, has anyone tried Thinx? I really appreciate their ads (they even have a trans man model! Rad!) and concept but they are pricey!

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