So I took yalls advice and got the lily cup compact (I think. All the names are the same! It’s the one that collapses into that mini case). I’m finally trying it, and I have a few questions:

1) does it make your cramps worse? It feels like they are more severe, but maybe that’s just a coincidence.

2) it’s, like, a lotta silicone to shove up there. And to drag out. I feel like my whole hand has to get in on the action, and it’s like, whoa, horror scene intense. There’s no way I could plausibly do this in any bathroom other than my own — I’m hoping the timing will be okay. But is this the norm, or can you get it in/out more delicately?

3) does it chafe you? I feel like getting it in and out, plus the stem, is making me a little raw inside. Do you just get used to this?

4) you thought it was TMI already, but no. Here’s my real deal problem. I put it in before things get heavy, great. I empty it however many hours later, blood comes pouring out into the toilet not only from the cup but from my vag too, whatever, I wipe. I put the cup back in so the stuff that’s just now coming out will get caught, but in the meantime there is still like blood on the walls of my vag from the release of the dam a moment ago, so it kind of works its way out over time. So basically you have to use a pantiliner? That sucks if so.


Okay, gonna go collapse in a crampy heap now but thanks in advance and will read your responses first thing in the morning!