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Menstrual cups and spiders

These two topics are not related, but wouldn’t that be a fun (see: horrifying) post if they were?
Bit of TMI with my menstrual cups questions and also talk of spiders so yeah.


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So first I just wanted to briefly share something because I’M EXCITED. I am getting over my fear of spiders! Sort of. I don’t think I’m ever going to LIKE them because they’re creepy little fuckers, but I’m starting to be able to tolerate them.
We have a lot of bugs in my apartment this year, probably for a number of reasons. Most of those reasons aren’t something I can do anything about. I don’t mind some bugs, but some types gross me out. So I have made a truce with the spiders.
They are allowed to stay as long as they: don’t move rapidly (especially towards me), stay the fuck off the ceiling, stay away from my bed, don’t go into my clothes or bags or shoes, and in general just try to be good cohabitants and not scare me. In return I will do my best not to scare them, I won’t squish them, and I won’t make them go live outside. So far it’s mostly working out! I have spider allys now. I still watch them like a hawk, but I’m not paralyzed with fear when I see one.
AND GUESS THE FUCK WHAT. A spider violated the truce last night and I dealt with it like a person who doesn’t have a phobia!! I caught it under a cup (which is like a 50/50 thing with me, often I can’t do that because I’m too scared to get near it) AND THEN I FUCKING SLIPPED PAPER UNDER IT AND TOOK IT OUTSIDE. LIKE A BOSS, YO. I have literally never done that in my life. I usually can’t even SQUISH them, I’m too scared to get near them. I AM PROGRESSING.
Anyway that wasn’t as brief as I hoped but I am happy about it and feel really great about myself for making efforts to finally get over this.

So menstrual cup questions now.
I got my cup in the mail last night and in general, I like it. It’s smaller than I expected, which is good, and I like the texture of the silicone. I smell everything because I’m weird and it smells fine, not gross like some low-quality silicone products do. So that’s good!
Even though I’m not on my period, I figured I would play around with inserting it and removing it, so hopefully when I use it on my period I can do it without getting blood everywhere.
And that’s where the problem is. I figured out to insert it without hurting myself (c-fold does not work, but the origami fold is really good), but all four times I did it I hurt myself removing it. It’s pain at the vaginal entrance, like it’s being stretched in a bad way, and I’m not sure why this is happening? (also I need to trim my nails apparently because I kept pinching myself with them which was also not fun.)
The fourth time I managed to basically do a c-fold with it inside of me and it hurt less when removing it, but if I do that I’m pretty sure I’m going to spill blood everywhere. I read you’re supposed to like pinch the base of the cup to get rid of the suction and also to remove it, but I’m having trouble getting two fingers in there to pinch it.
How do I remove it without pain and without spilling? I haven’t had sex in like a year and a half and I’ve had like nothing inside of me in that time (this is the TMI part btw) so is that why I’m having trouble?

And I have weird anatomy. I always knew my cervix was off center, and my doctor actually pointed that out to me and said it wasn’t a problem (it’s just something that happens in a percentage of women) last time I got an exam. But apparently my vaginal canal is... not vertical. Like not straight up and down. I knew it was kind of angled, but feeling the cup inside of me (I was making sure it was opened fully), the cup is like... slanted. Quite slanted.
Is that going to cause spillage, or is it okay because of the suction?

It also sits really low in my vaginal canal and does not seem to want to go higher. Like the whole stem is sticking out, and the base of my cup is right at my entrance. I don’t think that’s a problem though, right? I read it just sits lower on some women (plus that might be different when I’m actually on my period).

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