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Mental component of division of labor

Does anybody remember an article (I think it was on Jezebel) about gender and the division of labor in terms of the thought that goes into division of labor? I thought I remember seeing something about how men not only tend to do less chores, but that the process of dividing chores and making sure they get done (making the chore wheels, etc.) tends to fall on the woman.

The Constable and I are adjusting to living together and this is starting to come up between us. Right now, I’d say we spend an equal amount of time on the chores, but I feel like I put way more mental energy into it. Like we’ve been having trouble keeping the kitchen clean, so I spent a ton of time thinking about what our strengths and weaknesses are and how we could better clean the kitchen collectively. And I think about when we need to do laundry and when we need to do grocery shopping, and half the time when he puts things away I feel like I need to rearrange them because he’ll just throw things in drawers or closets and it drives me crazy. And I don't know how to talk to him about it because then he just thinks I'm accusing him of not doing his share of the chores or saying that he needs to be constantly told to do things. But I'm just exhausted and I need to figure out how to make chores take up less of my life.


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