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Mental Health Day.

I seriously cannot find a single fuck to give today. I still have to sort through my clothes and figure out what should go to storage, and what I'll take to Lena's. MomFace is at work, I'm stuck to her couch watching HBO on Demand and eating her homemade chili. And putting a homemade coconut oil mask on my face. I smell vaguely like a macaroon cookie.

I had class this morning but didn't go. Campus is an hour/hour and a half drive from here, and I slept about three hours last night. I just couldn't do it. I realize now how much stress that living arrangement was putting on me. I barely recognized myself in the mirror earlier. I've been sleeping terribly in spite of being on insomnia medication, and my eating schedule has been sort of jacked up.


I've made appointments with all of my professors over the next two days, in order to discuss my absences this week. Despite home life stress I've been doing well in my coursework up until this point. I'm hoping that if I can be upfront and honest about my situation, and ask for extensions on one or two assignments (in English, specifically, which I'm hoping is manageable, because I've gotten 3 A's on my last three papers. He knows I'm driven and want to do well.) that I will be okay, and this whole mess will be but a minor bump in the road.

I can't afford to let outside crap contaminate my academic success right now, but I think I really needed to take this day.

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