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Mental health OT

This is a thread in which to discuss your mental health issues and those closest to you, in whatever detail or vague terms you like. Be careful if discussing others, so as not to disclose personal details or identifying information. You can discuss what’s going on for you, what your mental illness entails, anything mental health related.

I want to talk about mental health, as it is a topic close to my heart. I know a lot of us (me included) suffer from depression and/or anxiety, and sometimes it’s good just to let it all out.

Personally (and this might upset some people/have me never trusted again) I also suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, or did and still have symptoms. It’s something that can be recovered from, but that affects your life in a lot of ways. Most people who are aware of the disorder are prejudiced against sufferers, and I can’t speak for everyone who has it but I want to make people aware that at least some people who suffer from it are not lying, manipulative people. I know that I’m not. I know that the various people I did DBT with were not. They were just ordinary people for whom life presented as a large obstacle. I’m only saying this because I keep seeing (on Jez threads mostly) that we are to be avoided, and I find that hurtful. I have fulfilling friendships and those friendships are not all about me. I know I’m not the only one, so I wish people wouldn’t tar us all with one brush. I’m worried about the response to this, but it’s important to me so I wrote it anyway. Please be kind in the comments if you are able.


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) manifests in various ways. For me it is mostly fear of abandonment, a sense of emptiness, and emotional instability. For others there can be dangerous behaviour, unstable relationships with people and an unstable sense of self. What this means for me is that I fear that anything I do wrong will make people leave me, and in my head every issue is a mountain when really it’s not a big problem. I underwent the treatment for BPD (DBT or Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) for about 6 months. It taught me a lot in the ways of how to deal with aspects of life, and how to interact with people. A combination of that and medication has got me largely back on track, although I do still suffer anxiety issues a lot of the time. BPD has a lot of co-morbidity with depression, anxiety and eating disorders, all of which I have suffered (I was anorexic as a teen and I still have some food issues).

My day-to-day life these days is much improved, for which I have my access to private healthcare (I’m in the UK) to thank, as I was lucky enough to have healthcare with my job. It’s the only reason I got seen quickly and was able to stay inpatient for a month to get me back on track. I still find I have some issues to work on (I get hurt easily, I fear rejection so cling to my parents a lot because I trust them, I get anxious about everything) but luckily I think these are things I can deal with.

I can’t remember the names of my meds, though I have them at home if anyone wants me to look when I get in, but I am thinking of amending them with the doctor. I’d like to reduce the depression med as I think I’m doing not too bad in that respect, but keep the anxiety med as is. With any luck, reducing the depression med might help me lose weight, as I went up 3 dress sizes after starting my medication and I’m now not yet comfortable with my body. It would also help the problems with my legs if I were carrying less weight. I’m worried though - what if reducing the depression med makes the depression come back? These are things I will need to discuss with my doctor.

What about you? What do you have to deal with in your life, and how are you doing? Any tips for getting by? This thread is open for whatever you have to say.

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