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Mentally ill prisoners too sick to stand trial kept in solitary confinement by Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona

I knew that Arpaio was a horrible excuse for a human being, but how can even he think this is a good idea? There are mentally ill inmates in that disaster Arpaio calls a jail who are too mentally ill to stand trial. Arpaio refuses to send them to the hospital, so they can get treatment Anf hopefully get well enough to move forward in their court cases, and instead just keeps them in solitary confinement.

What’s more, Arpaio was ordered to provide medical care for his inmates in 2008, an order that he tried to get a judge to lift. How in the hell has this man not been found in contempt of court?

For all the flaws of the Canadian justice system, I am extremely grateful that we do not elect law enforcement and judges.



Oh, and would you believe that Arpaio had the gall to try and arrange a meeting with Pope Francis when the Pope went to Mexico? He wanted the Pope to pray for his ailing wife.

Personally I kind of feel like the Pope should have agreed to meet with him, only to insist that the meeting take place at Arpaio’s jail, and then go all Old Testament prophet on him.



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