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Menz b Mad

About the rejection stabbing comments.

It's a shame that the death of Maren Sanchez isn't changing minds about how men treat women who reject them (amongst other things). The huge thread on Gawker is so disheartening.

It's interesting to see a certain dynamic at work again. As happens when a member of religious or racial minority instigates a tragedy, all you hear about it how terrible Muslim or black people are. A black person isn't just a black person, she stands in for all black people. She drove drunk, not because she has a substance abuse problem but because that's just how black people are, so it goes.


Likewise, a man stabs a woman and when women say we don't know which one of you is a murdwrer/rapist/criminal waiting to happen, we get the 'but all men are different individuals' treatment.

It's true that a black person could mug me, as much as anyone could mug me. But statistically, it's a white guy that will mug me (white on white crime stats and such). It's also statistically likely that I will be assaulted, and it will be by a man.

Which brings us to the moral of the story: women are below men on the food chain. We know this and take appropriate action. If this offends men, perhaps they could make room for us on the top rung.

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