Live stream of cats, silly Christmas sketches, and Christmas music, All at for you.

Madeline Davies actually covered this a little over a week ago. Didn't see it shared to GT though maybe I missed it.


ArsTechnica's Casey Johnson yesterday posted an article explaining the partnership between Sony and the North Shore Animal League: was gone almost as soon as it came. For three days, people passed around the link to that gave them a glimpse into a holiday idyll: a grandmother and an elf, surrounded by cats fluffy and sleek, who teased the sweater-swaddled animals with toys as an old-timey Christmas soundtrack played in the background. On December 6 at 5pm, it was reduced to a loop of past footage.

It looked for all the world like a public access channel holding pattern, with only a couple more accoutrements than the looping video of a fireplace set to holiday carols. It combined that comforting, if artificial, display with one of the Internet's greatest gifts: animal cams. Not only was the set replete with cats, but with people to play with them. They were also available for adoption (the cats, not the people).

The entire setup was actually in service of selling the old Christmas music playing as the background to the cats' antics. Sony's digital marketing department created the setup as a vector for the company's classic Christmas album catalog. This motivation wasn't even betrayed by the "buy now" link, which linked only an online search for "classic christmas albums."

Better than that yule log channel, at least to me.