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Merry Christmas GT!

My Christmas Eve was such an amusing mess. It included a doctor's visit, the first-worldiest of first world problems, me almost losing my cat, and lots of seafood.

So first off, I went to the doctor for my hands because I thought I had carpal tunnel. I, uh, do not. There's nothing wrong with me. My heart rate and blood count were a tiny bit low, but nothing to worry about. Basically I need to eat healthier, stretch more, exercise more and quit smoking (because duh).

Then for the epitome of first world problems. My sister and Consort both got me a Nintendo DS! My sister was originally going to get me one, but then told me she ended up getting me something else. So I told Consort and was sad about it, so he decided to get me one. He got me a 2DS. Lo and behold, my sister deceived me and got me a 3DS! IN PINK. I felt so awful because I didn't want to reject either of their gifts, and I told them both the situation and I didn't know what to do. Consort told me to take the 3DS from my sister and he would give the 2DS to his sister, as he was waiting for his next paycheck to get her a gift. His sister was so happy and loved it, so it all kind of worked out. And I now have Pokemon X. BAM.


Then Siren disappeared when my sister and BiL stopped by. We spent like 45 minutes looking for her. I was having a panic attack because I thought she ran outside, so I was outside in the middle of the street in a t-shirt crying and yelling her name for like 15 minutes. Where was she? Sleeping behind the couch the whole time. This was after she tried to kill me when I had to wash poop off her butt that got stuck in the butt fur. Again.

Then I went to Consort's and had dinner with his family which was nice. His mom is home from the hospital, too, so everyone is happy about that. Then Consort and I watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and I took a nap.

Now I'm about to pass the fuck out, as I unfortunately have to work tomorrow night from 3-10. Meh. But Consort and I are spending the weekend with my sister and BiL as they're having a holiday party Saturday night, so I'm looking forward to that :)

So goodnight Groupthink. You all are the best and I love you. Merry Christmas <3

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