A friend of mine told me she is giving her husband anal for Christmas (allowing him to put his penis in her anus, not some other kind of anal play). At first, I thought it was great. I mean, who hasn't given "back rub" coupons to someone at some point? I thought about how my SO and I have discussed anal but not gone that far, mostly because I have this other even BETTER anus called a vagina that seems to work out fine for us. Would it make a good gift? No doubt he'd be excited about it. Is it any different than a birthday blow job?

Then, she and I spiraled into a discussion about exactly how expensive or a gift she should get in return, so things were even. Then I felt like, meh, sex as a commodity. And I had a sad.

To be clear, I interrogated her to make sure she, also, wants to have anal sex. I said she shouldn't do something she's not comfortable with to please him, etc etc. She seems fine about it and just said it's something she's not been prepared for in the past but she's getting prepared.

I still feel squicky about the whole transaction. Of course, it's not MY thing to be squicky about, and I know that. Am I being weird? (probably)