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Messy/Disorganized People of GT, I Need You!

As I’ve mentioned on here a few times recently, my new roommate and I have different standards of cleanliness. I don’t want to be a nag, I want her to feel comfortable here, but I also want to the place to be relatively clean and organized. We came up with a cleaning schedule, but I’m realizing there are things that seem like common sense to me that she doesn’t seem to get. For example, she was on bathroom duty this week, and although she did clean the toilet and tub, she left the trash in there for days after it was filled to the top, and finally I had to take it out. And she never thinks to take the recycling downstairs. I had to tell her that the cardboard toilet paper tubes belonged in recycling. After I told her that she opened a new box of cleaning supplies, and left the recyclable cardboard box sitting on the floor of our (already minuscule) bathroom for days. She cooked pasta every night for a week, and left the pot out on the stove the whole time, never washing it. And she asked for a container to put the leftovers in, then after using one container, left the rest of them sitting out on the counter. I feel like I shouldn’t have to ask a 30 year old adult to put things back where she found them.

Our cleaning schedule includes a list of all the things that have to get done in each room, but that hasn’t entirely helped. Plus things keep coming up that I hadn’t anticipated. It’s getting to the point where I’m starting to feel like an asshole for asking her to keep things tidy, but I also don’t think the things I’m asking for are that unreasonable. For the messier among us, if you were living with someone cleaner, how would you want to be approached about finding a middle ground? How can I do this without making it seem accusatory or making her feel bad?


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