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Met Gala Gossip

Instead of studying for my finals, I’ve been watching omgthatdress’s coverage of the Met Gala. The theme this year is “machus x machina,” which according to Vogue is essentially fancy language for the “dichotomy between handmade haute couture and machine-made fashion,” which according to me is essentially fancy language for “techno dresses.”

I think this is an awesome theme. Think of the possibilities! We live in an era where fashion is made as much with lasercutting and 3D printers as it is needle and thread. Even ignoring the technology of our materials and methods, the very idea of futurism is full of visuals you can riff on—let’s go shiny and chrome! I would be so excited to design something along this theme for some of the most beautiful celebrities on earth. But somehow the Met Gala always lets me down, serving up a batch of famous people in ill-fitting or fugly clothing that ignores the theme. I’m disappointed.

But enough of the rotten apples! Here were my favorites, either for sticking to the theme or just being straight-up gorgeous (and in Naomi’s case, both):


Naomi Campbell. Goddess.

I don’t know who this is, but at least I can’t tell how the hell the explosions on her skirt work!


CLAIRE DANES GOT IT. This gown has technology and elegance balanced perfectly. I approve.


Amandla Sternberg. Glorious.


This outfit is so drop-dead stunning I just said “shit” over and over until my mind cleared. I couldn’t handle it. I still can’t.

Have you been following the fashion? What looks do you like?

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