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Met Gala Is A Hot Mess

I'm sure Jez will do their "Good, Bad, Ugly" on this at some point today, but flipping through the pics, they may need to change it to "Punk, Establishment and Dear God, What IS That!"

You just knew the fashion and celeb crowd was gonna blow it with the theme. Some chose to play it straight and arrive in a universally beautiful, albeit completely boring outfit. Others ran with the "punk" and just look god-awful. Then there are the in-betweens (Nice spiked collar Maggie G. I guess?)

I think Taylor Swift nailed the "punk couture". Rooney Mara reminds me of Siouxsie Sioux. So that's a "win" in my book. Hillary Rhoda rocked leather pants.


I don't even know what to think about Madonna. I mean, what? How could the mother of reinvention drop the ball on the 80s punk scene?!

And how did Paltrow, Diaz and Kate Upton end up looking so damn frumpy, of all things?! Related: DVF and Ashley Olsen looked like Mrs. Roper.

I think La La had to keep that pose the entire night.

Who is this woman and what did she do with Zooey's bangs?!

Debbie Harry can wear whatever she wants. She is above reproach. Even if I hate the shoes. Which I can't because, like I said, Debbie is perfect.


Oh, and Kim Kardashian finally got in.

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