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Met Mr. Perfect Last Night And I Need Some Advice!

Oh. My. God. I met the perfect guy for me last night. He was just so...amazing! He's just like me, but in a good way. But how do I follow up about the date? I'm pretty lost, y'all.

Why he is the best:

  • He's funny as hell.
  • He tells the best stories. In the best way-like, he describes things perfectly, does the voices, everything.
  • He's smart as a whip, and has a job. A real one. And he likes it.
  • He is unbelievably polite. And a true gentleman.
  • A few badass things we have in common: liking Batman The Animated Series, liking Batman in general, and our professions. He is also Mr. Wolf-esque, we both "escaped" our parents, are liberal, and a bit awkward. Also, drinking.
  • He looks a bit like skinny Captain America/Steve Rogers, but with brown hair and taller. And I'm a sucker for that look:
  • And literally everything I'm looking for. Seriously. And he's just as nerdy as me!
  • Paid for my drink and drove me home. So now I can afford my course reader!
  • Actually cares about things.

He's just this sweet guy. Of course, I'm freaking out and thinking about everything I could have done better: I should have worn a cocktail dress that flattered my body, instead of a size 0 blouse that is still too big for me. I should have avoided brain farts, I should have laughed better-I sounded like a seal, when I usually sound like Lauren Bacall-smoky and sultry. I kept flipping my hair. I was shaking. And I think the Jack Daniels Old Fashioned was a bit too strong. Do guys judge girls on what they drink? Plus I smoke...a no good, very bad habit I want to hide.

So, my lovely GT ladies and gentlemen, what the hell do I do? Do I text him a thank you this afternoon? I already said that if he "wants to chill again, hit me up!"-which makes me sound like an airhead. Would a text come off as a polite thank you or creepy? We've texted before the date, and had some very witty banter and great conversations. And how should I write it? I never text guys back, because they usually don't wow me like him.

Seriously, this dude is guy VV, but not to the point of doppelganger creepiness.


PS-To everyone that responded to my post yesterday: sorry I couldn't comment back to everyone, but I truly enjoyed reading about which characters you are!


Update: I just texted him (he's at work, so I can't call), and I'm waiting for a reply. Fingers crossed!

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