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Drunken Rant: Stupid Metaphorical Phrase=Underneath the Hood

I hope this makes sense because I'm kinda drunk and I was going through older posts from today because I was at a theme park earlier and found this one about the new editor for kinja (Which is bonkers by the way, when you aren't quite on the straight and narrow). ANYWAY, I don't know why but it just really irritates me when people use "under the hood" or "underneath the hood" as a metaphorical phrase.

Just bonkers. Silliness. Repulsive.

I don't mind metaphorical phrases most of the time. Please don't message me about how they are useful literary devices. I know they are. I also know what they mean by it here. This particular instance bothered me BECAUSE IT JUST DOES and I've had a glass of wine so there.


Also, wait.


ETA: I edited the title to more accruately reflect what I just wrote.

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