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The Mustachioed Dick Albert. The original. The best. The I swear he had a perm in the 80s!

The Non-Mustachioed Dick Albert. Dick Lite.


Mish Michaels. Bonus Fun fact! PaJinx once took me to meet her and was struck speechless by how awesome she was. He made me promise to be a REAL meteorologist and not a weather person. PaJinx was always taking me to meet sciencey people and making me swear to become one....


David Brown. Where'd you go, David Brown? You were so inoffensive and bland. I liked that.

Pete Bouchard. He sneaks in penis jokes. I approve.

And finally, Harvey "It's gonna snow, bitches!" Leonard.


Look at him! That's a fucking face you trust. Look at his cute nose and his unashamed bald spot! And his ears. Those ears look trustworthy!

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