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Mets Postpone Indian Awareness Day Over Fear Of Offending Braves

On today's episode of WTF, the NY Mets have managed to offend the very American Indian Group they had planned on honoring with a heritage day.

According to the NY Times, the Mets reached out to the American Indian Community House (AICH) back in March wanting to host American Indian Heritage Night at Citi Field. They chose July 25 for the date and starting planning the celebration (which was to feature several cultural activities, including singing and dancing). Then about a week ago, the Mets realized they are playing the Braves on July 25 and decided to drastically scale back the day's festivities of fear they might OFFEND THE ATLANTA BRAVES (a team that has been criticized a number of times for it's insensitive and inappropriate use of Native American imagery) with the American Indian Heritage Night's activities (You really can't make this stuff up).


Understandably, the AICH was not too pleased about the Mets' drastic scaling back of an event they had been planning together for months (no pre-game activities or announcements during the game, etc) over fear it might be offensive to the Atlanta Braves.

When they AICH reached out to the Mets to voice their displeasure, here is the emailed response they received:

“It was brought to my attention that we need to be sensitive to the Braves being a partner MLB team and can’t put them in a situation for a potentially negative environment to be brought upon them,” wrote the Mets official. “I know this is not the plan, but sometimes people come to events under different agendas than expected. I’m not referring to [A.I.C.H.] or any of the organizations involved, but more about unknown groups that may want to change the perception of the event.”


Although the Mets proposed two alternate dates (read: days they were playing teams with names more sensitive to cultural and ethnic groups), the AICH, who has already spent months planning a week's worth of activities around the July 25 date, pulled out entirely.

Seriously Mets?

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Gothamist / NY Times

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