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Mexican Grocery Help!

So there's an excellent Mexican Grocery store a mile from us where we do a lot of our shopping, and I am so intrigued by a lot of the food that I see there. Today I looked at, for the 80th time, this bundle in the produce section that consisted of (and I may forget something): a quarter head of cabbage, a tomato, a jalapeno, what looked like a green tomato but was not a tomatillo, an onion, some carrot, and some celery. It was all gathered together on some styrofoam and saran-wrapped. My best guess is that it's some kind of premade soup kit type thing. My Spanish isn't good enough anymore to communicate with the store workers, and any time I ask what it is they just explain that it's vegetables. Which I get. Does anyone know what this is? Because whatever it is I want to make it!


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