So, Michigan governor Rick Snyder has enacted lots of crap that made auto insurance rates skyrocket. When I bought my esurance comprehensive/collision plan 18 months ago it cost $132/mo. 2 months ago I checked my policy and realized that they were now charging me $190/mo.

Now, keep in mind, I'm well over 25 years old, I have a perfect driving record, I drive a $12,000 car and I've never made an insurance claim (I know that auto insurance rates are partly based on the number of uninsured drivers and the number of claims in your geographic area). I called esurance and they sent me to customer retention and the very nice man I spoke with said he couldn't do anything to lower my rate. Ok, buh bye, esurance.

I went to Progressive and now have better coverage for $120/mo. But that's still about $25 more a month than my old comprehensive/collision plan I had about 3 years ago.

What I'm saying is that auto insurance is ridiculous and I hate having to deal with it.


I wish I still had my old 1998 Windstar cargo van with the bed in the back. I only paid $52/mo to insure that beautiful thing.