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Michael Pollan

I know I can't be the only one bothered by this guy's ideas. I read The Omnivore's Dilemma six years ago, and some of its points were vaild and even revelatory. Then he started writing about how no one cooks like they used to, and what he meant and sometimes has said outright is that women don't cook like they used to. Women left the kitchen for the workplace, and he even blamed The Feminine Mystique in a New York Times article.

I feel this is a problem only because he is booked on so many talk shows and held up as our ultimate authority on the food system. He is not questioned much about his claims that women in the past did all the cooking (does Velveeta count?), and he gets away with blaming modern women for not making the most of the systemically awful American food system. I feel that if he's going to represent the "Slow Food" movement, he should be doing it to advocate policy changes in the Farm Bill that would increase access to affordable vegetables. I think he doesn't do that very much because it's much easier to judge individuals than to see how about 50 decisions are already made for a person by the time he or she picks up a bag of potato chips or a bag of onions at the grocery store. It also fits into a sound bite easier; I don't wish to be jaded but now that he's found his success writing about slow food, I wish he'd use it to cultivate real change instead of selling more books!


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