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Michelle Carter, Cyber Crimes, and Double Standards

TW suicide, assault, etc

So I saw the headline today that Michelle Carter is sentenced to 15 months in jail for involuntary manslaughter over her texts encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself.

I’m not disputing that what she encouraged is horrible.

But troll motherfuckers can find women online, find their addresses, threaten to rape and murder them, and the fucking police go “welp, laydeez, we can’t do anything about this sort of thing. It’s not threats as we understand them. Aren’t you overreacting anyways? Have you considered just being nicer to these men?” Racists and white supremacists can threaten black people and Jewish people and law enforcement is like “hey, those nooses probably were meant as yard decor for a party, not to remind you of centuries of lynching.” Last year someone spray painted swastikas on Jewish tombs nearish me and since the swastikas were “backwards” people were saying it wasn’t meant as anti-Semitic hate speech.  


But a young white man commits suicide, and somehow yet again it’s a women’s fault that things happen to men. She was 17, he was 18. She didn’t say anything worse to him than bullies say all the fucking time to their victims. Yet she goes to jail. Do we have any cases of bullies going to jail after some other teenager kills themself?

I know this isn’t worded super well. It’s something I’ve been ruminating on throughout the day.

I’m not saying she shouldn’t face repercussions for what she encouraged him to do. But what about all the other assholes threatening and encouraging harm?

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