There’s an event in Kalamazoo this weekend that a Jez poster emailed me about. Here are details:

The Kalamazoo River runs through (you guessed it) Kalamazoo, through downtown, and right by Arcadia Brewing. Every year the Kalamazoo River Watershed Council puts on “Kanoe the Kazoo”, and this year the portion from Comstock to Kalamazoo has a stop at Arcadia Brewing for its launch of a new beer.

This trip will start at Merrill Park in Comstock at 11:00 am. Arrive at the park at 10:00 am to check in and shuttle vehicles as a group to the take-out point. This enjoyable float is fun for new and experienced paddlers alike. The trip includes a scheduled stop at Arcadia Ales for food and short presentations. Then it’s back on the river to Verburg Park at Patterson Avenue or an extended float to D Avenue.

Date: July 18

Check-in: 10:00 am (on river at 11:00 am)
Start location: Merrill Park
End location: Verburg Park or optional extended paddle to D Avenue
Trip length: 2-3 hours
Car spotting: Meet at 10:00 am at park to stage vehicles at end
Host(s): Kalamazoo River Cleanup Coalition
Cost: FREE
Rentals: Contact Island City Rentals at (269) 366-8908

The launch party for “Nature Ale” (a collaboration between Arcadia and another local brewery, One Well Brewing) will start at noon at Arcadia Brewing, and will act as a fundraiser for the Kalamazoo River Cleanup Coalition (KRCC), so that you don’t feel bad about day drinking :) Free live music from 2pm-4pm, good beer, good BBQ type food, etc. KID FRIENDLY too.


(Note, food at Arcadia isn’t very vegan friendly, but there are some limited veggie/GF options...and lots of vegan friendly places in Kalamazoo itself if people want to go elsewhere for food.)

For more information on Kanoe the Kazoo:…

Facebook event link:…

If people don’t want to canoe, they can go right for the beer/live music/party! And if, worst-case, we all meet and decide we hate each other in real life, we’ll already be at an awesome event with a bunch of other people we can meet and hang out with, haha. The thing also ends at 4pm, so people have ample time to get home or decide to stay (Arcadia will revert to its natural brewery/bar state after 4pm, and Bell’s and the rest of downtown is walkable from Arcadia).