Hi all,

A bunch of locations have been suggested for the meetup. We need to decide on a place which serves alcohol. The place has to be central for all preferable because we have people from AA, Detroit and also wayyyy up North. Once we decide o the location we can figure out a good day (weekend). Then I'll call up that place and make reservations based on how many will turn up :)

  1. Novi
  2. Canton
  3. Northville - The Rusty Bucket or Wagon Wheel (has karaoke)
  4. Plymouth
  5. Warren - Dragonmead brewery
  6. ETA: Green Dot in Detroit

If anyone has any other place suggestions, please drop a comment. If not, y'all can decide on a location with bar/restaurant or just location.

ETA: If you're not comfortable commenting here you can drop me an email at borgachu@gmail.com

Also ETA, Northville does seem like a good option with the Rusty Bucket and Wagon Wheel. If money is the issue, I'm sure we can pitch in for a drink or appetizer.