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Michigan Recount Update

I don’t have much to say. It speaks for itself.

As officials began a full recount in the swing state, it emerged that faulty machines mean half of all votes cast in the city of Detroit may be ineligible for recount. A third of voting precincts in Wayne County, that largest of Michigan’s counties, could also be disqualified.The problems were discovered after voting clerks were unable to match the number of votes cast on the machines with the number of people who had been registered at polling stations.

I just.

The potential recount ineligibility of so many areas could hinder Hillary Clinton, who significantly outperformed Mr Trump in both Detroit and Wayne County and whose hopes of winning Michigan rest largely on uncounted ballots being found in Wayne County.

Ernest Johnson, a Democrat activist in Michigan, said: “It’s a real long-shot now because, if I were looking for 10,000 votes, the first place I’d look is Wayne County.”


And liberals in the media won’t even question this bullshit. I forgot that unless Jill Stein or internet commenters ask questions then nothing is seen as even slightly suspicious. Even though our enemies are literally evil and doing everything in their power to win.

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