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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Just another little reminder that I'm not supposed to be programming.

My boss wants me to learn a bit of JavaScript to work with an API, so I bought the book he recommended and just started it about 10 minutes ago. It's part of the Head First series, designed to be conversational, full of images, and memorable so you're more likely to remember what you're learning. Barely into the book, I hit one of their example images, under "Get - and keep - the reader's attention." It's a woman in a bubble bath, smiling. The thought bubble above her head reads "Now that I have your attention, you should be more careful using global variables."


Thanks, Head First. Way to let me know that the person who's reading this book is so obviously a straight male that your specifically designed attention-getting images are designed not to get my attention.

I don't get it. The other Head First books have women writing them, they seem to make a point of alternating women in men on the cover (the hardback has a black man on the cover and the ebook has a white woman), so why did this seem appropriate to this author? Why did no one editing it catch it? I hope the rest of the book isn't like this. There is no reason to bring gender into programming.

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