Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I really am feeling like an old (except the 90s were my glory days!). Maroon crushed velvet? Onyx-crystaled chokers? Chunky weird patent leather platform disco heels? Overly distressed denim? These things were super ugly when they happened the first time around. Why are they back?

I went shopping a few weeks ago for a nice dress to wear to a wedding and could not for the life of me find something that I would even consider wearing if it was given to me for free, much less purchasing for actual money. Now I am watching Dancing with the Stars, which, okay, I accept is not gonna be at the forefront of fashion, but honestly what the HELL was Megan Trainor wearing??


Also, it seems like for the last fifteen years, we’ve just sort of been cycling through previous decades’ fashion fads. I feel like things are gonna get cray if we have to repeat, say, the 70s a third time. So, fashion knowledgeable GTers... what’s next? And can it please not be super unfortunate?

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