Picture this: you are home because you worked all night.

You should be fast asleep but you can't sleep because you are too anxious about life in general so you wander into the living room for a nightcap of some whiskey. You deserve it, dammit!

You find yourself sitting in the living room in the dark, drinking whiskey out of a dirty wineglass because you couldn't be bothered to get a clean tumbler from one foot away. The whiskey goes straight to your head because all you've eaten is a sad salad in the last twelve hours (and no you didn't laugh while you ate). You are in your underwear and only your underwear.

The sounds of children playing at recess filter through your window from the school across the alley.

The thought hits you: this might just be a low point in your life.

A second thought hits you: thank fuck nobody can see you through the window.

And a third: I want cheesecake. And a man. But the cheesecake first. Actually, just the cheesecake will do.


And last: dammit! It's shark week.